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Electrical Contractors License
CT 38331

Engineering Procurement Construction



Harness the power of the sun to reduce your electric bill.  Federal and State incentives are available to help lower  overall system and installation costs.



Did you know dirty solar panels can affect panel production?  eStat Hawaii provides panel cleaning services and PV system repair services.

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Do you feel that installing a PV + Battery Storage system is out of reach?  eStat Hawaii assists customers with a range of financing options.


eStat Hawaii and eStat Energy Solutions were established with the mission to help reduce electricity costs for Hawaiian families and to harness energy produced by the sun.  Our mission remains the same, along with our commitment to provide customers with quality solar products excellent customer service.


Everyone should have equal access to an affordable supply of energy from local/regional utilities, which we all know is usually not the case.  This is one of the reasons we support expanding the installation of residential Solar + Battery Storage and promote a new business model through which battery power can be used as not only a reserve power source, but also an alternative energy solution to provide communities with affordable and easily accessible renewable energy.

There is a Japanese business philosophy known as Mikata Yoshi, meaning “three-way goodness”. It is based on the saying “kaite yoshi, urite yoshi, seken yoshi” which means, “good for the buyer, good for the seller, good for the world”.  “Good for the world” also has social significance meaning a business that contributes to society from a long-term perspective.  Naturally for our company, “good for the world” is the provision of a comfortable environment, including the prevention of climate change.

To demonstrate this business model and bring our plan to fruition, we acquired several residential EPCs in Hawaii in 2021. Over the course of the 2 years, we have successfully developed the market by combining business practices that incorporate a standard US strategic partnership approach and a Japanese focus on customer centric service. This Japanese tradition of customer centric service is well accepted in Hawaii. 

The electric power business is an industry that tends to focus on business upstream of electric power companies.  However, we believe this industry should be more “customer centric” and that the goal is to make each downstream user energy independent. 


eStat Hawaii installs solar solutions throughout the Hawaiian Islands. and has 2 office locations.  

eStat Hawaii
800 Eha Street, #33
Wailuku, HI  96793
(808) 249-9790

eStat Hawaii
1287 Kalani Street, #204

Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 773-7384

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